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In Home private lessons

Bring the expert to you! Enjoy instruction in the privacy and comfort of your own home! In this setting we are able to work on the basics, and get you started off on the right foot. We can even go on a walk around the neighborhood if you'd like! This is your time!

The first things we will cover are foundational: engagement, heel, sit, down, stay, come, and place and then we build on that! Keep in mind, not every dog can work for an hour straight... And this is my time to educate you as a handler too!


Exactly how many lessons you will need to meet you goals, I am not sure. It depends on how much time you have to devote to practice during the week!  The more patterning, the better!  

Lessons are about an hour long and are $100 per hour. Lesson availability is subject to location. 

In home lesson package

Now that you've decided Private In-Home Lessons are the right training path for you and your dog... Take advantage of a package rate discount and commit to your dog's education. 

Honestly, there's no way to put a number on how many lessons will get you to your dog training goals. That's all about you, and how much practice you get in during the week.


However, on average, I'd say it is about 5 to build a basic foundation of obedience. Which is why I have created a package of 5 lessons for $475.

Stay & Train

'Round the clock training! Bring your dog to stay with the expert! 


This program is more predictable as far as how much progress your dog will make. Your dog is getting daily training from someone with about a decade of experience in the training industry and thousands of dogs trained! I only take on one or two dogs for Stay & Train max so, your dog will be enjoying one on one attention and training, in the comfort of my home!


In the Stay & Train your dog will learn: heel, sit, down, stay, come, place, done (the toy), proper greetings, crate and threshold manners, as well as work on proper play and socialization.

When your dog comes to my home to do a Stay & Train we meet for about an hour at check in to make sure goals are aligned and we are all on the same page. During your dog's stay I send daily updates with photos and videos of your dog's progress! At the one week marker you guys come over to work with your dog to start learning some of the handling you will be doing once your pup comes home.

At the end of your dog's program, I bring them to your home and we work together on reintroducing them back into the house. A week or two later I come back over to check in and help troubleshoot any issues you guys might be having.


The Stay & Train does have a 14 night minimum to make sure we have tons of time for practice and patterning! Although, some dogs may require a longer stay to reach your goals. The Stay & Train is all inclusive at a rate of $150 per night. 


Your dog will be a part of the family; hanging out with us and the dogs! There's no "we let them out 4-5 times a day" they're just one of our pack while they're here! (Although, sometimes rotation is necessary depending on the pack.) This option is for dogs who have been through training with me. 


While your dog is here we will work on refreshing all of their training to keep them fresh, and on their toes!

They're already comfortable here and know the fam, why not let your dog come back for a visit while you're out of town?

Sleepovers are $100 per night, per dog, and that includes the refresher/advanced training! 

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